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Importance of Septic Inspections While Purchasing A Home

Importance of Septic Inspections

The septic system is one of the most important assets in any household, which is why it is important to go for regular maintenance. This article will give you a brief idea about the importance of septic tank inspection in Anacortes, Whidbey Island, WA. Go through the article to know more. 


How do septic systems work?


Many of the households that are not connected to a public sewage system must contain significant septic systems in Anacortes, WA. On-site wastewater treatment and disposal should be operated regularly. 

Here is a brief explanation of the septic systems mechanism:


  • The septic tank collects all the wastewater from the building. These septic tanks are made up of concrete, fiberglass, or polyethylene. The septic tank is buried underground.


  • The sewage is allowed to settle as it enters the septic tank. Lighter substances like grease or oils float on the top of the tank while all the solid trash will sink to the bottom. Usually, the middle layer contains the residual liquid, also referred to as effluent.


  • The wastewater is further treated naturally when it passes through the soil through filtration, adsorption, and biological activity. By this wastewater treatment procedure, dangerous bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants can be removed easily.


  • The cleaned wastewater eventually finds its way to surrounding surface water or groundwater. The wastewater may occasionally be released into a ditch, stream, or any other authorized discharge place.


  • A reputable septic pumping company should remove the solid waste on a regular basis that collects at the bottom of the septic tank. Relying on the size of the tank and the number of residents in the building, maintenance is usually done every three to five years.


  • Septic systems, in general, are a dependable and affordable solution to treat and dispose of wastewater for residences and other structures that are not linked to a public sewage system. To guarantee that the septic system remains effective and to safeguard the environment and public health, it is crucial to maintain it properly and run it.


Why Get a Septic System Inspection?


For multiple reasons, it is crucial to get your septic system inspection done, such as:


  • Malfunctions of the septic system may lead to the contamination of the drinking water and the surrounding environment. It can pose serious health risks. By the septic tank inspection, you can save yourself as well as your family. 


  • If you detect septic system problems earlier, then you will be able to save a significant amount of money in the long term. 


  • To ensure compliance with local rules and regulations, it is important to have the septic tank inspected on a regular basis. 


Why are Septic Inspections important?


Regular septic tank inspection is essential to ensure the proper functioning of the septic system. It will also prevent costly repairs as well as potential health hazards. Here are the reasons why you should go for septic tank maintenance.


  • Property Value: A failed septic system can drastically reduce the property’s value. Home buyers might be hesitant to acquire such property with a failing septic system or one that hasn’t been maintained properly. 


  • Early Issue Discovery: Regular septic inspections can assist in identifying the issues in the system before they develop into serious problems that call for pricey repairs or, perhaps, system replacement. Long-term cost savings for homeowners can be achieved through early detection and repair.


  • Compliance with Regulations: Septic inspections are the basic requirement of many municipality regulations. Homeowners who violate all these rules could be subject to fines or other sanctions.


From the perspective of public health and the environment, a properly operating septic system is an essential asset. Malfunctioning of the septic system has the potential to introduce dangerous bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens into the soil, surface water, and groundwater. People and animals who come in contact with contaminated water or soil have a chance of acquiring potential health problems.




Dirty Deeds Septic have years of experience in septic tank inspection, pumping, and maintenance. You can reach out to us anytime and ask all your queries to our crew members, we will be there to help you out at every step. We are providing our septic system pumping and inspection  services across Anacortes and Whidbey Island in WA. Contact us today to book your appointment

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