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Why Should You Always Hire a Locally Owned Septic Company?

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When it comes to installing, inspecting, and maintaining a septic system in Anacortes and Whidbey Island, WA, making the right choice in service providers is extremely crucial. While there may be plenty of options available, we’ll explore the very best one in this blog: a locally-owned septic company. 

Let’s discover the multiple benefits of opting for a local septic business and the expertise only a company based in your community can offer.


What are the functions of a septic tank?

The main function of a septic system is to separate and treat the wastewater from the home or concerned property/building before it is released into the surrounding environment. A septic tank in Anacortes and Whidbey Island, WA, is integral to a residential or commercial plumbing system.


It basically digests organic matter and separates floatable matter, like oil, grease, and solids, from the wastewater. The primary functions of a septic system include,


  1. Removal of solids: The septic tank’s wastewater is separated into three different layers. As sewage enters the tank, its flow rate is reduced so that the larger solid matter sinks to the bottom and forms a sludge, and soaps, grease, and smaller solid matter rise to the surface to form a scum. The tank then retains these solids, and the clarified effluent is discharged alongside the suspended and dissolved solids.
  2. Bacterial Action: The solids, liquids, and organic matter in the septic tank are partially decomposed by bacteria and other natural processes. These bacteria thrive without oxygen and are, hence, known as anaerobic. The decomposition process reduces the number of pollutants before the effluent is released into the nearby soil.
  3. Sludge and scum storage. As mentioned earlier, sludge is the solid accumulated at the bottom of the tank, while scum is a layer of floating solids that may form at or near the surface. The space should exist in the tank to store these residues between septic tank pumping in Anacortes and Whidbey Island, WA. Or else, the sludge and scum will eventually be scrubbed away from the tank, clogging the drain field and receiving soil. 
  4. Disposal of treated sewage: The treated effluent(sewage) from the septic system is then discharged to the drain field, where it’s filtered through suitable septic stone and finally launched into the surrounding soil for further purification.


Key factors you should consider when choosing a septic tank service provider.

From septic installation to tank pumping and inspection, no matter your concern, here are a few factors you should consider while choosing a septic tank service provider to hire.


  • Knowledge and Experience: A reputed and reliable septic tank service provider that has been in the industry for years is likely to have firsthand, practical skills in installing and servicing septic tanks in Anacortes and Whidbey Island, WA. Always choose a company with experienced and knowledgeable technicians who know what they’re doing.
  • Licensing and Certification: Most septic tank providers claim how good they are at what they do. But, as a customer, you shouldn’t fall for flattery and false promises. Always check if the company you intend to hire has valid licenses, permits, and certifications. These formalities prove the brand’s legitimacy and that the regulatory authorities have verified the skills of the company and its technicians working for the company.
  • Insurance: Pick a business with insurance for the company’s technicians and your septic tank. This insurance policy protects you from liability in case of any mishappenings or accidents during or after the service installs the septic tank. It also ensures the company takes responsibility and saves you from financial difficulties during septic installation, pumping, and inspection in Anacortes and Whidbey Island, WA.
  • Reputation and Customer Satisfaction: Before finalizing a company, it’s necessary to do due diligence on how they treat their employees, customers, and clients. Read the client testimonials on their website and consider talking to some of the company’s previous clients. 
  • Pricing: Even though a septic tank can cost a few extra bucks, you shouldn’t have to worry about paying more than you should. Don’t simply go ahead with a brand simply because you like their recent festive offer. Always compare different companies and stick with the top two choices. The best septic tank service provider in Anacortes, Whidbey Island, and nearby Washington states is the one that charges you reasonably and offers high-quality outcomes.


While it’s easy to discuss the main points to remember when choosing the perfect septic company, what’s difficult is actually choosing one! Only a locally-owned septic company can offer all the perks mentioned above. 


But is there even a purpose to hiring a locally-owned septic company? Let’s discuss.


What is the purpose of a Locally Owned Septic Company?

When it comes to septic tanks, you can trust locally-owned septic companies like Dirty Deeds Septic. With years of experience providing septic services to our customers based in Island and Skagit County, we do our best to get to you as quickly as possible when that Dirty Deed needs immediate attention!


Wondering what’s the purpose and benefit of choosing a locally-owned septic company like ours? Here’s why.


  • We know the location: The first major purpose of calling a locally owned septic service provider is that we’re familiar with the area, and more than business, it’s our passion for helping the community that gets us going. Our talented and dedicated experts are always a call away and have an uncanny ability to remember addresses and what type of septic system the respective homeowners have. If there’s one thing we know best, it’s how to deliver the best septic installation, tank pumping, and inspection service in all of Anacortes, Whidbey Island, and nearby Washington states.
  1. Our customer service is unparalleled. You’ll never talk to someone from a call center several states away when you call Dirty Deed Septics to schedule a service. We pride ourselves on our team’s friendly, respectful, and kind customer care skills. So, if you’re looking for warm and welcoming septic providers who, while installing, educate their customers about their septic system’s pitfalls, functioning, and care, feel free to contact us. Because more than just doing business here, our customers are our neighbors, and being a part of this community has meaning for us. 
  1. We offer quick, reliable service. We provide the best septic service experience with fully trained, friendly technicians. We’re also pretty affordable and offer a 24-hour service, seven days a week, including all kinds of emergency services. So the next time you’re experiencing a septic backup or emergency and need help quickly, you know who to call! When you call us, we promise there won’t be any jumping through hoops or wasting time. We’re fast, and we deliver!


If you’re looking for hassle-free scheduling with a trusted locally owned septic service in Anacortes, Whidbey Island, and other nearby states in Washington, our team is happy to help you out in any crappy situation!


Schedule your service quickly and efficiently

With years of experience behind us, we firmly believe in providing fast, dependable, and friendly service to our cherished customers at affordable prices. Schedule your service with us as we make sure you get the best of,


  • Expertise

Our staff includes qualified experts with experience in septic installation, tank pumping, and inspection in Whidbey Island, WA.


  • Flexible Solutions

We personalize our septic services in Anacortes, WA, to match your needs, ensuring the best system performance, care, and lifespan.


  • Environmentally Responsible

We prioritize eco-friendly approaches to lessen your septic system’s environmental impact.


  • Emergency ServicesYou’re never alone in your septic system hassles since we provide 24/7 emergency septic services in Whidbey Island, WA.



We’re your trustworthy, dependable BFF in all septic-related matters! Dirty Deeds Septic is a licensed, bonded, and insured company experienced in providing services in septic system installations, inspections, tank pumping, maintenance, and repairs. Our staff is local and lives in the community they serve. 

Serving in Island County(Whidbey Island) and Skagit County(Anacortes, Fidalgo Island, and Guemes Island), we can help you install and manage the ideal septic and sewer system for your residential or commercial premises. Call us today for dependable and skilled services.

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