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The Best Practices for Effective Septic System Maintenance

Effective Septic System Maintenance

You never want to experience overflows if you live in a house with a septic tank. As a vivid and stark reminder of how crucial it is to maintain septic tanks, it’s a memorable mess. The health of your septic in Anacortes, WA, and your family depends on regular maintenance of the tank.   

The following tips can help improve your septic tank maintenance, lower costs, and avoid a septic tank disaster. You don’t have to worry about hazardous conditions or expensive cleanups with routine maintenance since it reduces odors and prevents toxic contamination of your property.


What is the best maintenance for septic tanks?


Use cleaning chemicals with caution

Homeowners who use cleaning products on their septic systems can harm the good bacteria. When washing clothes, stay away from chemicals such as bleach. Using a small amount may be necessary.

Using drain cleaners can damage the tank and kill good bacteria. When a plunger doesn’t work, try a toilet drain snake during septic service in Whidbey Island, WA, which will unclog your sinks and kitchen pipes. Toilet bowl cleaners typically contain bleach, which is bad for your septic. Quaternary ammonia is also present in antibacterial soaps and disinfectants.

Alternatives to these harsh chemicals are available in natural or plant-based cleaners.


Septic Pumping

Pumping a septic system (removed solids) every three to five years is the norm for a household septic system. A septic tank’s size determines the average cost of pumping it. During the process of septic pumping in Anacortes, WA, experts will perform an inspection of your septic tank and examine the sludge layers to make sure there are no leaks. 

Frequently pumping your tank offers many benefits, including:

  • Increases your tank efficiency 
  • Cost-effective due to no extra cleaning
  • No more leaks or pooling water


Cover Properly

If you have covered the drains, it becomes difficult to locate the tank every time you pump it out. Solids are stored in the drains, and if you have covered them, it becomes difficult to find them. Even if the tank is tightly sealed, frequent Septic Inspection in Whidbey Island, WA, and maintenance is possible only with an easily accessible visible cover.


Outsource it to someone else

Septic system service and maintenance in Whidbey Island, WA, can be challenging. There will be horrifying smells in the tank that you will have to endure. Having someone else handle this tough job is a great alternative for those who don’t have the stomach or nose for it.


Make sure a local septic tank maintenance service properly maintains your septic tank. While the option is expensive, it prevents you from being exposed to waste and fumes generated by the tank itself. Professionals who have been in the business for years will also ensure that the job is done properly.


Keep maintenance records 

Keeping clean records of your water sources and septic system will ensure cost-effective maintenance. You should pay attention to the following: installation, pumping, water tests, and repairs. Maintaining these records serves several purposes – protecting water resources, maintaining a healthy environment, and remembering the next maintenance schedule. A septic tank system should be properly maintained at regular intervals to ensure its health and effectiveness.


How does septic system maintenance benefit us?  

Ensures the protection of both you and the environment

A properly maintained septic system eliminates the bacteria and harmful chemicals from the sewage that is used in your home. If waste is treated improperly and disposed of, it could leak hazardous, contaminated waters into groundwater. This contaminated water may appear in the water you drink and pose a health risk to yourself and the rest of your household.

Environmentally conscious living is becoming more important. A faulty septic system could discharge hazardous waste into the waterways and cause an adverse impact on the environment. Regular septic system service in Anacortes, WA, will help to prevent this from happening.


Increasing the value of a property

If you’re selling your home or are planning to sell your home soon, buyers will want to know whether your septic system is maintained. A system functioning well is a nice extra property asset buyers are likely to consider when they make an offer. 

If your system is well-cleaned and maintained and in excellent functioning condition, it’ll enhance the worth of your home. A system that needs to be in better condition or needs repairs will decrease your property’s value.

Keep Toxic Hazards at Bay

A septic system that’s properly maintained, with regular inspections, reduces the chance of ground contamination, overflow, as well as a system failure or backup. But a poorly maintained system is at risk of any or all of these problems. Anyone who has experienced an unreliable septic tank will inform you that it’s not a pleasant image (or the smell). Additionally, these problems can cause danger to pet owners, family members, and everyone else who lives within the vicinity of the property.

A blocked or overloaded septic tank could release untreated waste into your property, creating hazardous conditions in your yard and the surrounding area. The toxic waste can get into wells and groundwater and pose a serious health risk to those who come in contact with the polluted water.



You need to act fast if your septic tank maintenance is due. Contact Dirty Deeds Septic in Whidbey Island, WA, for all septic needs before things get worse.

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