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Living in a house with a septic system can feel idyllic – surrounded by nature, enjoying the peace and quiet. However, unlike municipal sewer systems, septic systems require a little more care and maintenance from homeowners in Anacortes, Oak Harbor, Whidbey Island, WA, and nearby locations. One crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy and efficient septic system is knowing when it’s time for an upgrade. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore some common signs that might point towards a septic system upgrade, the components that might need attention, different approaches to take, and when to call in a professional.


Do I need to upgrade my septic tank?

According to the top septic system pumping specialists in Anacortes, WA, some telltale signs that your septic system might be reaching its limits include:

1. Frequent Backups:

This is a classic symptom of a failing system. If sewage is backing up into your drains or toilets on a regular basis, it’s a strong indication that your septic tank is overloaded or isn’t functioning properly.

2. Slow Drainage:

Drains that take an unusually long time to clear could be a sign of a clogged drain field or a failing septic tank.

3. Sewage Odors:

If you detect sewage smells around your property, particularly near the drain field, it could be a sign of leaks or a failing system.

4. Soggy or Greener Patches in the Drain Field:

The leach field is where the treated wastewater is released into the soil. If specific areas in your drain field are consistently soggy or appear unusually greener than the surrounding area, it could indicate a clogged or failing drain field that needs attention.

5. Alarms:

Some modern septic systems come equipped with alarms that trigger when there’s an issue. If your septic system alarm is going off, don’t ignore it – it’s a clear sign that something needs to be addressed.


Signs It’s Time for an Upgrade

If you’re experiencing one or more of the warning signs mentioned above, it’s definitely time to consider an upgrade. Upgrading a septic system isn’t just about fixing immediate problems; it’s also about preventing future headaches and potential environmental damage. A properly functioning septic system protects your property value, keeps your family healthy, and safeguards the surrounding environment from raw sewage contamination. If you need help with a septic system upgrade, feel free to reach out to our team at 833-784-6592.


Components Needed to be Upgraded

There are several components within a septic system that might need upgrading, depending on the specific issue:

1. Septic Tank:

The septic tank is like the backbone of the system. It’s where wastewater goes, and inside, the heavy stuff sinks to the bottom while any oily or greasy stuff floats to the surface. Over time, the tank can fill with sludge, reducing its capacity. In some cases, a larger septic tank might be needed during an upgrade.

2. Drainfield:

The drainfield is a network of perforated pipes that distribute treated wastewater from the septic tank into the surrounding soil. If the drainfield becomes clogged or saturated, it won’t be able to absorb the effluent effectively. Upgrading the drainfield might involve replacing the pipes or installing a new drainfield in a different location.

3. Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU):

If your property has space limitations or struggles with poor soil drainage, an ATU can be a viable upgrade option. These units use oxygen to accelerate the decomposition of wastewater, making it easier for the drainfield to handle the effluent.


Approaches to Septic System Upgrades

There are different approaches you can take to upgrade your septic system, depending on the specific needs and budget:

1. Septic Tank Pumping:

While this is a regular maintenance procedure and not necessarily an upgrade. But, if your septic tank hasn’t been pumped in a long time, getting it pumped as part of the upgrade process can significantly improve its efficiency. Our dedicated team of experts at Dirty Deeds Septic, serving Whidbey Island and Skagit County, can help you with septic tank pumping and ensure your system functions optimally.

2. Septic System Repair:

If specific components like the drain field or the ATU aren’t working right, fixing them could be a good idea, as long as the damage isn’t too severe.

3. Traditional upgrade:

This involves replacing existing components with new, larger, or more efficient versions. According to the leading septic system service experts in Oak Harbor, WA, this approach is common for situations like a failing drainfield or an undersized septic tank.

4. Alternative treatment systems:

In some cases, traditional upgrades may not be feasible. Alternative treatment systems, like ATUs or sand filters, can also be explored as viable options.

5. Regular maintenance:

While not technically an upgrade, regular maintenance can significantly increase the lifespan of your septic system and potentially delay the need for a major upgrade. Our team at Dirty Deeds Septic offers comprehensive septic maintenance services to our customers in Anacortes, Oak Harbor, Whidbey Island, and surrounding areas to keep your system running smoothly.


Final Takeaway

By recognizing the signs that your system might need an upgrade and consulting with a professional septic system service like Dirty Deeds Septic, you can ensure that your septic system continues to function efficiently for years to come. We’re veteran-owned and operated, providing professional and quality septic system services to residential customers in Anacortes, Whidbey Island, Oak Harbor, WA, and nearby areas.

At Dirty Deeds Septic, we perform licensed septic system inspections, pumping, and repair services for home sales and routine septic maintenance in the Island and Skagit counties. Our reputation for providing fast, dependable, and friendly service at affordable prices is the foundation of our business.

We value our customers and want to offer you the best septic system service experience with fully trained, friendly technicians, affordable and transparent pricing, 24-hour service, seven days a week, including weekend and emergency services. 

Contact us at 833-784-6592 to schedule an appointment with our team today.

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